Old Church

Too often these days, we are caught up in our smartphones and computers and fail to really notice the intrinsic beauty in everything around us. I like to gather inspiration from these unlikely sources – the things around us which we so often glance over or dismiss. Earlier this week, I passed by an old church and was struck by the beauty of it. The building was deteriorated, the sunlight seeping in through crevices in the wooden paneling and vines creeping up its exterior. As I explored this haven, I thought about all the ways I could incorporate the beauty of this place in my own home. This church’s rustic incandescence could be incorporated in a dining room table and chairs, made from thick cuts of dark wood that still bears all its natural crevices and imperfections. Another way I would use the inspiration of this dilapidated building is through antiques. When antique shopping, you really can find any number of treasures. I choose objects whose beauty speaks to me for my retail store Eco Simplista. Remember that everything has beauty, you only need to take the time to stop and notice it.