An Interview with ROK:BRGR’s Marc Falsetto

ROK:BRGR is a gourmet burger bar and gastropub with a modern approach on American comfort foods. It’s founder, Marc Falsetto, hangs with us to talk about his new restaurant in The Village at Gulfstream Park and his experience working with us. We constructed & installed bathroom vanities, provided salvaged brick for their bar back splash, and installed Castle & Combe Wood to the outside area surrounding the patio tables, bar, and main dining room.


_Where are you from originally?

Ottawa, Canada.


_I know you’re a busy guy. What’s your role at ROK:BRGR specifically?

I’m the CEO & founder the of J.E.Y. Hospitality Group. We own ROK:BRGR, Himmarshee Public House, & Primo’s Italian kitchen in Miami.


_Have you always had an entrepreneurial mind, or did this come in the later years?

No, we’ve always been in the hospitality field. When I was in college we started a company called Primo’s Entertainment and we ran bars and night clubs and we’ve always been into that.


_What was your favorite subject in High School?

Math. I like money.


_How do you spend your non work life (when there’s room for it)?

Well I pretty much work 24 hours a day when you own bars and restaurants but I actually find shopping therapeutic and I like to golf when I can.


_Best part about owning a restaurant?

I think overall the best part is seeing people happy when they try your product, you know, you’re putting on a play for people so it’s really nice to see people that enjoy your food and enjoy your spot and having a good time. Because a lot of people only have one choice maybe a week or a month to go and celebrate, if they choose your place, it’s nice to see them having a good time.


_What inspired the look of ROK:BRGR?

Well ROK:BRGR came back with a whole prohibition theme. It’s like a Chicago style prohibition theme that we went for so we like the exposed brick, reclaimed woods, Edison light bulbs, and the industrial look too.


_What’s the next big thing for ROK:BRGR?

The next big thing for ROK:BRGR is hopefully to keep the pace that we’re at right now, opening 1 unit per year, and than hopefully expand out of state.


_We’re really flattered you picked us (Alternative Constructors) but why?

Listen, Alternative Constructors, they’re hand crafted and quality workmanship is why we chose them. It’s like they’re actually the ROK:BRGR of design & building. We do handcrafted everything here and that’s what Alternative Constructors does. They take every component that they do, being the sinks or the woods or the benches, they make it handcrafted, take their time, and they do it professionally. I see us working together in every single venture that I do.


_A book about the best burger joints in the country gets published and you are in charge of naming the book. What do you call it?

The book would be shaped as a huge burger and it says Big Mouth on the front.