about alternative madness

We have refused to be defined by the environment that surrounds us. We are idealists. We are thinkers. We are visionaries trapped in a society where, unfortunately, the majority does not understand our aesthetic. With no regards to the status quo, we have broken down the boundaries and devote all aspects of our work to being different. Our definition of different does not mean that we think our work is superior; rather it is unique, one of a kind, something you do not see in every home you enter. We become mentally exhausted when driving through neighborhoods where every house is identical. We question this. We are those who drink copious amounts of coffee to stay awake into the wee hours of the night making samples with organic materials most people are unaware of. A great artist once defined us as “craftsman pursuing the dream of becoming masters,” and we loved it.          CHECK OUT OUR WORK HERE


Visionary, Professional, Capable, Artistic, Practical, Charming, Creative, Honest, Pioneer, Talented, Enthusiastic and Master Craftsman are words frequently heard to describe Derek. He is an entrepreneur who constantly searches and locates the latest technological breakthroughs in natural, organic, sustainable materials. He has a unique ability to mix and match these materials with repurposed goods from yesterday’s dreams into creative, sophisticated environments.

Derek - Alternative Constructors


"The Organizer" and "Queen" are a few monikers to describe the talented third spoke in the wheel that completes the management circle. Her voracious appetite for speed reading, her natural ability and college training for organizational management and her extraordinary gift of giving 100% of herself to anything she sets her mind to perfectly complements the abilities of her partners and crew. As we say "if you need it done. Call Dana!"

Danna - Alternative Constructors