The Organizer Behind Alternative Constructors: An Interview With Dana Shambora

_I’ve been told you’re the behind the scenes person. The one that gets things done. I’m sure you wear a lot of hats here, but what are some of them?

I’m their mother [laughs]. I keep them organized in addition to doing all the billing, accounting, book keeping, customer relations here at the office, invoicing, and purchasing. I keep them on track.


_On any given day, what’s the best part about working at AC?

It’s a great environment, we produce these awesome pieces – (that I don’t always get to see). But it’s nice to know that we do such awesome work.


_Favorite subject in high school?

I used to love to read, so I guess English.


_What’s your guilty pleasure?

I don’t know. I like wine.


_Proudest moment with AC?

Seeing the guys complete this huge job that they didn’t know how we were going to get it done.


_How do you spend your non work life (when there’s room for it)?

Usually with my boyfriend. We like cooking, going to new restaurants, having dinner parties and spending time with family / friends.


_Quick… favorite pizza topping?

I love all pizza toppings. Pizza’s one of my favorite foods. Usually I just get cheese, otherwise I my second most usual order is vegetable.


_What’s the biggest risk you’ve taken in the last 10 years?

Quitting a job to work with Derek at Eco Simplista.


_1 thing on your bucket list?

I have a long bucket list. My boyfriend and I made one together and it has like 100 things on it. This is not really on my bucket list, but I want to do it for my boyfriend because he’s never been- I want to go with him to NYC and us have the most awesome experience because he’s never gone and I grew up there when I was little. (We are going in July)


_This is still my favorite question. How do you like working with your brother?

I like working with Derek a lot because A) we’re not on top of each other so we both have different roles. I’m here [at the Eco Simplista Retail Store] and he’s out. If we’re on top of each other we start to bicker. But I like that we do different things for the business. And B) we’re both very different so I think we complement each other working wise.


_Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Running a multi-million dollar company.


_The zombie apocalypse is finally here. Weapon of choice?

I don’t watch scary movies, so I don’t know anything about them! But what do I need to know, I would have my brother and boyfriend to protect me.